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Zigbee wireless 1 2 3 4 gang battery powered push button scene switch Tuya ZigBee Wireless Max12 Scene Switch Mechanical Push Button Controller Battery Powered Smart Home Automation Scenario Switch for Tuya Smart Devices

Main Features:
1. Smart automate the Tuya ZigBee wireless scene switch to any tuya smart devices in Smart Life App to set various scenes for your smart life.Tap-to-run to get another easier control for all tuya smart devices with one key on the switch.Each switch button can satisfy multiple needs, realizing different scenes.Imagine the smart linkage to create an infinite space with the wire scene switch.
Note: ZigBee hub required for adding the switch to it for normal use.
2. Three pairing modes for each button to achieve 12 scenes from one 4 gang scene switch,such as away mode,home mode,movie mode,etc.To create any smart automation as you want on your smart phone app to start your another intelligent lifestyle,no more voice command needed,no more time to open your app,only one touch required,when you are tired from one-day work.
3. Compact magnetic design: it is a wireless wall switch when attached to the wall, remote control when unattached. It can be conveniently carried to the balcony, bedroom, kitchen, and more due to its compact size with only 1.3cm thickness.
4. It can be used in numerous scenes with smart devices: speed up smart device responding time, provide more fluid control, remove the dependence on a WiFi network only.
5. Fix it anywhere you like with double-side tape;Low power consumption with 730 days battery life;no wiring needed for simple use, easily establish multiple control to realize fast and easy upgrades.
Note:Intelligent linkage to smart devices for normal use only,can not be used alone without smart devices.
Input:CR2430 3V(battery not included)
Battery life:730 days
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Programowany włącznik bezprzewodowy

Programowany włącznik bezprzewodowy

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